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It was a pleasure working with Ian at Performa Law.  He represented my small business with a consulting client, both in the original agreement creation and the cancellation of the relationship. The client was very difficult, but Ian was able to maintain pace and close out the issue with full payment within a few weeks. His pricing is fair and reasonable, and he is always quick to respond. I highly recommend his services!
Angela W., 17 Consulting
I cannot say enough about Ian and how he helped me with the purchase of an existing business. It was a VERY fast turnaround but that didn't deter him from taking me on as a client. He jumped in with both feet and is the only reason this deal was closed in time. He was professional, extremely thorough and detail oriented. He asked thoughtful questions, provided clear recommendations and always considered my perspective when offering guidance. He gave me the confidence I needed to push back during negotiations and supported me throughout the entire process. He's simply a phenomenal human and keeps the best interest of his clients in mind at all times. He was timely, efficient and ensured that every email or conversation we had was concise and effective.
Amy C.
I have a branding firm, so I’ve worked with a lot of startups. We all have legal stuff to deal with at some point, it’s just the cost of doing business. I’ve seen what happens when people avoid it. Preforma makes it easy to get the legal help I need. I can pick up the phone, anytime, without worrying about it. Ian’s advice has always been spot-on and very pro-active.
John F. - BN Branding
Ian is a consummate professional.  Skilled in a wide field of business and contract law, I would trust him with protecting my business any day.
Gage T.

Ignite your growth, boost your team and avoid legal pitfalls that can sabotage good startups

Build your team right from the very start. A Preforma lawyer serves as an inside ally who can spot legal and operational headaches before they happen. Whether it is figuring out how to structure your business, where to allocate risk, or what to consider when planning out your exit strategy, we know that it’s all mission-critical stuff. You can lean on us for legal expertise and C-level business guidance.

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STARTUPS & entrepreneurs

Preforma provides timely legal assistance for fast-moving companies

Smart, successful business owners don’t procrastinate, especially when it comes to potential legal issues. They get ahead of it and stay ahead of it.

Preforma Lawyers are here to help. We immerse ourselves in your business to help you understand how to prioritize your legal needs and increase your operational efficiency. We provide actionable legal advice at a predictable price, so you can reduce risk without exploding your budget.

Whether you need help drafting contracts, understanding complex laws and regulations, or simply spotting potential issues with an upcoming transaction, we’re the extra set of eyes and ears you need. Never miss a crucial legal detail with Preforma.

Our Services

Contracts Reviewed


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Companies Formed

Start Your Business the Right Way

Corporation, Partnership, LLC … Each type of business entity has its own legal requirements, benefits and potential issues. Preforma Law will help you determine the best legal entity for your business so your plans are not hindered by decisions made at formation. You can manage, scale or plan for future funding with confidence.

Ruthlessly Execute Your Daily Operations

Whether you need help drafting contracts, understanding complex laws and regulations, or simply need another set of eyes to issue spot critical elements of an upcoming transaction, your business requires prompt and reliable legal advice at a predictable cost.

Our aim is to help  reduce your company’s risk and unnecessary overhead.  Preforma Law will take the time to understand your business and prioritize your legal needs, thereby increasing the operational efficiency of your organization without exploding your budget.

Plan for Beach Bound Exits

Buying or selling a business is complex and time critical. Success requires a strong legal advisor with a sense of urgency who is savvy enough to close a deal without breaking the bank. Preforma Law is a pragmatic partner that won’t sacrifice your big picture business goals of maximizing the value of your transaction.

A Preforma business lawyer is like a rocket booster for business confidence

When it’s time to make a big sale, secure investors, or negotiate an important alliance, a sharp legal mind is a powerful strategic advantage.

Unfortunately, most business owners never experience that game-changing confidence because their lawyer is not in the room. Too expensive. Too busy. Too far removed to be of any help.

Preforma makes high level legal guidance easily accessible to ordinary business owners. You can tap into our legal experience and business expertise whenever you want.  It’s time to tip the tables in your favor without worrying about astronomical legal fees.


Ian Osteen - Preforma Law Founder

“The best business lawyers embrace the role of full-fledged advisors to their clients and employ a robust skillset for problem solving that goes beyond what is typically taught in law schools. In many ways, what exceptional business lawyers practice is much more art than science.”

Praveen Kosuri, "Beyond Gilson: The Art of Business Lawyering" (2015). Faculty Scholarship at Penn Law. 1572.

Frequently Asked Questions

how can a lawyer help my business?
Business lawyers have a unique combination of legal expertise and business acumen that is developed through years of representing clients in a variety of financial positions and operational scenarios. They know that success is determined by planning and execution. The right business lawyer will not only advise you on the legal issues associated with your business, but also identify strengths and weaknesses within your organization’s operational structure so that you can optimize your ongoing business plans while also taking steps prevent future issues from arising. Schedule a consultation here to determine if Preforma Law is the right fit for your business.
Why should you develop a relationship with a business lawyer?
All entrepreneurs create legal challenges for themselves. It’s the cost of doing business. The most successful entrepreneurs plan accordingly. They stay ahead of trouble by teaming up with a good business lawyer early-on who can help them avoid the legal and operational minefield they will inevitably be faced with.
Where are the initial consultations?
Our initial consultations can be conducted in-person, over the phone or via video conference.  Our office is in downtown Bend, Oregon, at 920 NW Bond Street, Suite 209. Check out our calendar and complete an intake form if you would like to schedule an initial consultation.
Who are Preforma’s ideal prospective clients?
Entrepreneurs, business owners and C-suite executives in early-stage startups who are looking to scale, sell, merge or legitimize their business. We specialize in the software and health tech industries, however have significant experience in a number of other industries including construction, real estate, apparel, food and beverage, fitness, and materials suppliers.
How do we hire preforma?
Our onboarding process requires an initial 1-hour consultation where we will discuss your current needs, timeline, and future plans. Throughout the consultation we will work to develop a plan of attack to assist you or your business in the most cost-effective manner. Schedule an initial consultation and see if Preforma Law is a good fit for you and your team.
What are the costs?
An initial consultation is $199.00. The fees for each client thereafter are different depending on the client needs, the complexity of the legal issues involved, and the anticipated timeline for performance. The two most common engagements are flat-fee and hourly fee arrangements. Check out our packages for more information on flat fees. If you would like to schedule an initial consultation, our calendar and intake form is located here.
Why choose Preforma?
Preforma is like an operational safety blanket. We take what we know has worked for other successful businesses and apply what fits to your unique operation. That way, you can avoid pitfalls and manage your start up more efficiently, without worrying about legal issues.
When should I reach out for legal advice?
Is your business stuck? Having trouble calculating your next move? It may be time to call Preforma Law. Our firm provides companies with business insight and legal expertise to help them avoid common pitfalls while they grow. We strive to be proactive partners with our clients and leverage our unique expertise so that our client’s can maximize their future successes.
Ready for Liftoff?

Inquire via phone or our intake form e-mail to set up your initial consultation.  Our $199 Initial Consultations generally last around 1 hour and are conducted in-person, by telephone, or video conference

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