Proactive Law is better than Reactive Law

When business owners ignore the importance of legal issues they end up in some tight spots. Then they have to hire an expensive law firm to bail them out, so to speak. It’s purely reactive.

Successful entrepreneurs, on the other hand, proactively avoid those pitfalls. They appreciate how a good attorney can bring parties together, make deals happen, head off potential problems and help steer the company. It’s more of a general business advisory role than a technical, legal task role.

Startup Now

Thinking about Starting a Business?

Postponing the paperwork at startup is a recipe for disaster. Not to worry, we have experience forming hundreds of companies of every shape and size. 

At formation, Preforma will help you develop the forms and practices that form the foundation of your business and determine which form of entity best aligns with your present reality and your future aspirations.

Looking to Buy or Sell a Business?

Buying or selling your business isn’t only about cash and changing names on the accounts.  Every business has monsters lurking under the bed.  Employees, landlords, loans, and sticky icky tax issues. 

At the end of the day, M&A transactions are complex and time critical. You need a legal advisor who can take care of the details so you can sleep easy and keep dreaming about your big picture goals.

“A business lawyer does not add value simply by securing a bigger piece of the pie for his client than he would have otherwise had without the lawyer, but, rather, the lawyer adds value by growing the pie so that there is more to be had by all.”

 - Ronald J. Gilson, Value Creation by Business Lawyers: Legal Skills and Asset Pricing, 94 Yale L.J. 239, 241 (1984).

Does your company want investors?

If you want to set your company up to receive investment, or are already stomping around the VC presentation trail, you need to make preparations for what is to come. A skilled lawyer who can help structure, negotiate and document debt and equity financing transactions from initial investment through exit.

Need recurring legal assistance?

Retaining a typical, hourly law firm is an inherently reactive arrangement. Clients avoid calling and involving their attorneys because they know the clock is always ticking. Preforma’s general counsel services provide you with ongoing access to legal resources that your company can leverage on the daily.

Just need help on a few simple matters?

One of our flat fee packages may be the answer for you.  While these packages are limited to a narrow set of services, they are designed to provide businesses with access to elite legal talent along with the comfort of knowing your legal costs ahead of time.

Oregon Startup & Formation
Contract Review
Outside General Counsel
California Startup & Formation
Contract Negotiation
Delaware Startup & Formation

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